How to choose between breast augmentation implants, round or tear-drop shape?

Most women choose round breast implants when undergoing cosmetic breast augmentation. Round implants have no particular radial orientation. So even if they shift or rotate over time, the result will not be obvious. Therefore, round implants are the more popular type. Round implants are semi-spherical, which many women view as an advantage since they tend to create more upper-pole breast fullness.

Some women desire anatomic-shaped, or “tear-drop” shaped, implants. The advantage of tear-drop breast implants is that they look like the actual physiologic shape of a real human breast. Tear-drop-shaped implants have a gently down-sloping upper pole and a fuller lower pole like the shape of a teardrop. Women who want a very inconspicuous and natural-looking breast augmentation are sometimes drawn toward this implant. The main disadvantage here is that in some cases where implant rotation occurs over time, a second surgery may be needed to adjust the implant position.

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