Diet effect on your tummy tuck recovery

What you consume after surgery can have a major impact on your recovery. Having a healthy diet helps to accelerate your healing process.

Stock up on beans

One of the body’s postoperative tasks after tummy tuck surgery is to create new blood cells because blood loss is a normal side effect of any surgery. Iron is a key ingredient in red blood cells; beans are packed with this supporting mineral. Add a healthy serving of beans in your daily diet to support new blood cell generation.

Poultry and lean meats

Protein is a critical building block in repairing and rebuilding tissue and muscle, and it can accelerate the recovery from a tummy tuck surgery. Poultry and lean meats are vital sources of protein. So, load up on chicken, turkey, fish, pork or beef. But, avoid sautéeing or frying the meat to keep the fat content low.

Go nuts!

Nuts are another food category that will benefit your body following a tummy tuck. Almonds are especially good for wound healing and scar tissue prevention because they are high in Vitamin E.

Whole Grains

Anesthesia and narcotic pain medications may result in constipation after your tummy tuck surgery. Consume whole grains and wash them down with plenty of water. Rich fiber in whole wheat, brown rice or oats promotes healthy digestion and regular bowel function.

Drink up

Drinking plenty of water will help to prevent dehydration and nausea.

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