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It is often said that you can always tell a person’s age by looking at his or her neck. The skin on our necks is surprisingly sensitive and thin. As you age, your skin loses that elasticity and begins to wrinkle and sag. Many patients complain that this sagging skin on their neck is not only impacting their self-image, but it is also uncomfortable when they wear certain types of clothing or jewelry. With neck lift plastic surgery, your neck can quickly return to its youthful and smooth appearance. Avante Plastic Surgery has helped countless patients in the Houston area with their neck lifts. You shouldn’t have to deal with sagging, loose skin around your neck. Call Dr. Ahmadi and schedule your consultation with his team in the Houston area today!

What Happens at the Consultation?

When you call, you will schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Ahmadi and his team. We are better able to provide an accurate estimate for your costs when we know exactly what you want out of your procedure. Dr. Ahmadi will first discuss the neck lift procedure and then ask about your expectations and goals. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the neck lift procedure, recovery, or costs, you are free to ask Dr. Ahmadi during your consultation. Afterwards, our staff will provide you with a quote that will cover your neck lift plastic surgery. Then we will schedule a date and time for your neck lift procedure to be completed!

What is Done During a Neck Lift?

When you come in for your neck lift procedure, you will be asked to fast prior to your surgery time. You will be given anesthesia in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. The neck lift procedure consists of the following steps:

  • An incision is made near your ear at the hairline, traveling around the back of your hair
  • Fat under your neck may be shaped and sculpted to provide you with optimal results
  • Muscles and skin are tightened in the area to give your neck a youthful appearance
  • Your neck is sutured to close the skin. Once healed, these scars will not be visible and will hide in your hairline
  • You should see remarkable results after the swelling has subsided.

For more information about neck lift plastic surgery, contact Avante Plastic Surgery at 281-265-2639. Call today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Ahmadi.

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