Forehead Lift Surgery

Are you tired of people always asking why you are mad, concerned, or tired? Your skin loses elasticity as you age, and the skin on your forehead will sink, giving you a furrowed brow. A wrinkled or sagging forehead can make you look years older than you really are. Some people even describe their forehead as feeling heavy, making them feel tired. Forehead lift plastic surgery can help raise your brow, decrease wrinkles, and give you a much more youthful and refreshed appearance. Avante Plastic Surgery has assisted countless patients with their forehead lifts, obtaining exceptional results. Give our office a call for more information about forehead lift plastic surgery.

What is the Process Like?

When patients come into our office, they are usually nervous about the procedure and recovery. The process for forehead lifts may vary depending on where you need lifting. Typically, several small incisions are made to lift and contour the face. Scars can usually be hidden within the hairline and are not visible after the procedure. Dr. Ahmadi will discuss the placement of incisions before your procedure.

The Forehead Lift Procedure:

  • You will meet and discuss your desired look with Dr. Ahmadi
  • You will come in for surgery fasting and will be put under IV sedation or light general anesthesia
  • The procedure lasts approximately 1-2 hours
  • After surgery, you will need to rest and let your face heal
  • You may experience swelling, bruising, and pain directly after surgery. This should subside within a few days after your procedure
  • You will come back for a follow-up appointment, when Dr. Ahmadi will remove your sutures

If you are interested in more information about our forehead lift procedure, contact Avante Plastic Surgery today at 281-265-2639. Call to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Ahmadi.

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