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Lip augmentation comes in many different forms, so if you’re considering lip filler in Houston, it’s a good idea to consider all your options. There are surgical and nonsurgical ways to enjoy fuller lips, some more effective and longer-lasting than others. Did you know that lip fillers can also reverse the signs of aging lips?

Dr. Ahmadi, the founder of Avante Plastic Surgery, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience using dermal fillers. When it comes to lip fillers, Dr. Ahmadi prefers to perform the injections himself because lip augmentation requires a certain amount of artistry.

What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that adds volume to the upper and lower lips to enhance the lips’ size, shape, or fullness.

How is Lip Augmentation Performed?

The most common way to perform lip augmentation is using lip fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Revanesse. These gels are injected into the lips using a needle to enhance them.

What Are My Options For Lip Augmentation?

If fuller, plumper lips are one of your aesthetic goals; then you should know all your options before committing to one method.

Method #1: Lip Filler

Lip filler is by far the most common way of enhancing the lips. Lip fillers not only add volume to the lips to enhance the shape, but they also smooth out lines around your lips and improve asymmetry. Lip fillers typically last 6-12 months and are repeated to maintain fullness.

Method #2: Lip Threading

A lip thread lift uses surgical absorbable threads to add volume to the lips. The results last about 6-12 months, similar to the lips fillers. However, threads have been known to spit out over time before they are fully absorbed. It is also harder to sculpt the lips using this method. Threading does not smooth out the lines around the lips.

Method #3: Fat Grafting

Fat grafting for lip augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves suctioning fat from the body, separating the fat cells from not fat cells using a centrifuge, and then injecting the isolated fat into the lips using a cannula. The results from fat grafting can last several years, possibly lifelong. The downside to fat grafting is the downtime associated with swelling and bruising that can last several weeks. This is not an in-out procedure and is best reserved to be included with other procedures, such as a facelift. You must also beware that fat grafting is significantly more expensive than lip fillers.



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Why Choose Dr. Ahmadi For Lip Augmentation?

If you aim to enhance your lips, your best bet is to go to a trained professional. Dr. Ahmadi is a well-trained and respectable plastic surgeon in the Houston area with decades of experience. He is the premier plastic surgeon responsible for the LipoTuck procedure and has a vast knowledge of the various dermal fillers to guide you through the process. Not all lips are created the same, nor are lip fillers.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Lip Filler?

There are typically two main reasons to get lip filler: thin lips and aging lips. Patients with naturally thin lips opt for lip augmentation to add volume to their lips and achieve fuller lips. On the other hand, patients with aging lips seek lip fillers to restore lost volume, smooth out the fine lines around the lips, and lift the corners.

How Do I Prepare for Lip Enhancement?

When you decide that lip enhancement is the right choice for you, a bit of preparation would go a long way before your procedure. Most of these preparations must be done for your safety. Lip enhancements are generally safe and effective if your surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery.

Lip filler is a non-invasive procedure, but not all lip fillers are the same. They should always be used safely and sensibly.


  • Take any blood thinners, Aleve, Advil, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, or Vitamin E
  • Smoke any substances in the days leading up to the appointment

What are the Different Types of Fillers?

There are a number of different FDA-approved dermal fillers that plastic surgeons may use as lip fillers. Much of the material used for lip fillers is a naturally occurring substance. Lip fillers are generally categorized into different types based on what they’re made of.

Here are the most common types:

Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance within a person’s skin, keeps skin plump and hydrated, thus helping it retain elasticity and a youthful appearance. Hyaluronic Acid filler tends to be soft, typically lasting up to a year. FDA-approved lip fillers that use hyaluronic acid include Revanesse Versa, Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero. Your body naturally breaks down and absorbs the substances safely. This is the most common type of dermal filler used for lip enhancement.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA) is another naturally occurring substance. Found in bones, CaHA has a thicker, gel-like substance consistency that causes it to last longer than HA in most cases. Radiesse is an example of an FDA-approved CaHA dermal filler, but it is not used as often for lip augmentation.

Poly-L-Lactic Acid is a biocompatible synthetic material. It is also used in a few other medical procedures. These products are often known as collagen stimulators. While the implants break down after a few days, the effects last long after they’re gone. This filler is mostly used for full-face volume enhancement.

How Much Does Lip Filler Cost?

Houston lip filler is generally between $500 and $1,000. The price varies based on the type of lip filler you get, the doctor’s expertise level, and the amount of filler used.

What Can I Expect During a Consultation?

Generally, a consultation is required before you can get lip enhancement surgery. Unlike other medical procedures, the lip enhancement consultation will often occur on the day of the procedure.

You can schedule a consultation with Avante Plastic Surgery by completing our online form. Dr. Ahmadi is a board-certified specialist and would happily help you get the lips you want.

During a lip enhancement consultation, there are a few things you can expect. Firstly, you and the doctor will discuss your goals for this procedure; what do you plan to get out of it? You’ll fill out a health history and patient information form so the doctor can fully view your overall health and determine your safest option. Lastly, you will discuss lip filler types and determine which would be best for you based on your wants and medical needs.

What is a Lip Filler Procedure Like?

The lip filler procedure will begin by numbing the area and injecting the substance into the lip using a fine needle. Allowing enough time for the numbing medication to take effect is important. Otherwise, the injection can be painful. Different techniques are used for lip filler injection, such as forward, reverse, and micro-drop injection. The amount of lip filler injected into each side must be carefully monitored to avoid asymmetry or, in some cases, correct asymmetry. The aesthetic proportion of upper to lower lip volume must not be violated. This is where artistry prevails, and Dr. Ahmadi shines.

What is the recovery like after Lip Augmentation?

Expect some swelling. Bruising may happen. So if you have a function to attend, plan ahead. Icing helps with swelling. Allow at least one week for the lip filler to settle. There is no special aftercare Instruction.

How Long Will My Lip Augmentation Last?

As with most types of plastic surgery, lip fillers are not permanent. The time they last depends on the material used, but generally, they will last anywhere from six months to a little over one year. To maintain your lip fullness, we suggest you make an appointment for re-injection within six months.

Is Lip Augmentation Painful?

Yes, but it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Ahmadi prefers a “lip block” that completely numbs the lip instead of using a topical anesthetic that often fails to anesthetize the lip fully. This is why Dr. Ahmadi’s patients prefer him over others to perform lip augmentation.

What Are the Side Effects of Lip Enhancement?

While there are many benefits to getting lip enhancement, the procedure is not without its risk of side effects. Most of the worst side effects are caused by improper procedures by poorly trained or inexperienced professionals.

The side effects may vary slightly depending on a few factors, so if you have any concerns, you should ask Dr. Ahmadi before the appointment date.

A few of the side effects you may experience include:

  • Pain and/or bleeding at the site of injection
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Soreness
  • Infection
  • Asymmetry
  • Migration

Again, most of these side effects (especially the last five) are caused by a procedure being done improperly and can often be avoided by going to a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Are you interested in lip augmentation in the Houston area? Contact Avante Plastic Surgery today! A consultation with Dr. Ahmadi can clear up any questions you may have.

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