Do Plastic Surgeons Offer Financing For Patients?

This is a question we hear often and the long and short of it is there is no definite answer. It all depends on the surgeon. In some offices, financing is offered; in others, it is not. However, we feel that a physician that offers financing is probably better in tune with today’s financial realities. Let’s talk about why that is.

When They Offer Financing

When financing is offered, you are able to achieve more of your aesthetic goals without the financial burden imposed by a lump sum payment. Depending on the amount financed, your monthly payment could be as low as $299 per month.  Financing has allowed more patients to seek aesthetic surgery compared to the past when aesthetic surgery was only available to the rich and famous.  In short, when financing is offered, it ensures that the surgeon you choose understands that may families have a monthly a budget that is more conducive toward small monthly payments rather than a large sum.

Types of Financing Available

At Avante, we can’t speak for other surgeons, but we can speak for ourselves. We’ve implemented financing for all of patients, should they choose to do so. This may involve a Care Credit credit card, or financing through United Medical Credit or Alpheon. Make sure that whoever you go with—be it Avante Plastic Surgery or someone else—puts you first. For more information, call our office at 281-265-body to inquire about financing options.

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