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Arm Lift Houston – Brachioplasty

What is brachioplasty?

A brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift or “bat wing” removal, is a surgical procedure intended to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arms.

Am I a good candidate for brachioplasty surgery?

If there is skin hanging from your arms and you observe stretch marks on your arms, then there is a good likelihood that you are a candidate for an arm lift.  This condition typically occurs after a significant amount of weight loss.

Can I just get arm liposuction?

That depends on whether you have hanging skin. If there is any loose skin, liposuction makes the condition worse. Skin laxity usually results from rapid or severe weight loss (commonly seen after weight loss procedures such as Lap Band or gastric bypass) and aging. During your consultation, Dr. Ahmadi at Avante Plastic Surgery will be able to tell you if liposuction of the arms is all you need.

Will I need liposuction in addition to arm lift Houston?

Often, Dr. Ahmadi adds liposuction of the arms to achieve better contour. This contrasts with most other plastic surgeons who perform arm lift Houston.

What are some other recommended procedures along with an arm lift?

Lipotuckis the cornerstone of torso body contouring.  Think of the Lipotuck™ as the foundation upon which other procedures are added. We suggest that during your initial consultation, you ask Dr. Ahmadi for his recommendation.

How long is the recovery after the brachioplasty?

We always recommend following postoperative instructions to the letter. Doing otherwise can significantly increase your healing time. Typically swelling starts to subside after the first week. Most of the swelling goes away at six weeks. We discourage overhead activity for two weeks and certainly no strenuous activity for six weeks.

Does arm lift hurt?

Arm lift is not considered a painful procedure. Expect some discomfort and tightness.

How much does brachioplasty cost? What is included in the price?

Arm lift costs vary depending on how much skin must be removed and if liposuction is needed.  You may contact us to receive an approximate cost. The price covers anesthesia, facility, surgery fees, and routine follow-ups. Since every person is different, we can only provide the exact cost at the consultation.

How long will my brachioplasty incision be? How will I scar?

Three will be a scar. We make every effort to make your arm lift Houston scar as short as possible. However, the length of the scar is determined by the amount of excess skin with stretch marks. During your consultation, Dr. Ahmadi will show you the incision length.

Can I talk to previous patients?

We encourage you to talk to previous patients and ask questions to obtain information about their experience, eliminating any concerns. After your consultation, a list of patients can be given to you upon request.

Does insurance cover the arm lift surgery?

Brachioplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure.  Cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. We do have financing options available.

What happens during the initial consultation for arm lift Houston?

You will meet with Dr. Ahmadi and his staff. Dr. Ahmadi will listen to you and ask questions to guide you through decision-making. He will discuss the procedure and recovery with you. The staff will give you a quote for your procedure. Our patients say the consultation process is informative, relaxing, and fun. Our patients also tell us they wish they had come for consultation sooner and avoided all the hassle of searching and sifting through the plethora of online information, which is often confusing.

What is included in the price quote?

The quote for your arm lift Houston includes the surgeon, anesthesia, and facility fee. Just remember, no hidden fees.

Is there a consultation fee?

Yes, there is a consultation fee. The consultation fee is nonrefundable. Please get in touch with us for details. We assure you that the money spent will be well worth it. You will have your questions answered honestly by Dr. Ahmadi. You will not be pressured to sign up for surgery and get many of your questions answered.

So, what’s next?

The next step is for you to call or email our office to request more information or, even better, schedule a consultation. You will not be disappointed.

How far after arm lift surgery are the photos on the website taken?

Arm lift Houston photos are taken six weeks after surgery.

Where does Dr. Ahmadi perform his brachioplasty surgeries?

Dr. Ahmadi performs all surgeries at Sweetwater Surgery Center, a QuadA-certified facility.

Do I go home on the same day of my arm lift surgery?

Yes, you go home the same day and will have a follow-up appointment the next day.

I am from out of town; what do you recommend?

We can start with a virtual consultation for your arm lift Houston and do an in-office visit later. If you decide to proceed with the surgery, we ask you to stay in town for a few days. We have special pricing set up with local hotels.

When can I drive after the brachioplasty surgery?

We allow patients to resume driving after ten days after the arm lift Houston. Start driving short distances initially.

Will I need help after my brachioplasty surgery?

We recommend having a caregiver around for five days after your arm lift.

When can I return to work after my brachioplasty surgery?

Going back to a desk job ten days after an arm lift is OK. But if your job requires manual work, we recommend waiting six weeks.

Will I have any restrictions after my brachioplasty surgery?

You cannot lift, pull, or push anything more than 5 lbs. for six weeks post-surgery.

Where will my arm lift incision be?

Dr. Ahmadi prefers to place the arm lift incision on the inner lower aspect of the arm to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

Will my arm lift scar be thick?

The quality of the scar will depend on the patient’s genetics, the surgeon’s skills, and adherence to postoperative instructions.   Dr. Ahmadi follows his patients personally to ensure good scar quality after an arm lift.

I get keloids, will my scar keloid?

There are ways to prevent keloids during and after surgery.   Dr. Ahmadi will monitor and watch closely, so the scars don’t form keloids.

How long is the arm lift procedure?

Brachioplasty surgery typically lasts between 2-2 ½ hours, depending on each patient and the amount of work needed.

Do you have financing available for Brachioplasty surgery?

We have partnered with Alphaeon Credit, Care Credit, United Medical Credit, and Advance Care Card for your Houston arm lift.

Will my loose skin and fat come back?

The fat will not return after your arm lift if you maintain a stable weight.

Do you offer financing for arm lift surgery?

We have partnered with Alphaeon Credit, Care Credit, and United Medical Credit for your Houston arm lift surgery.

What should I do before my arm lift Houston consultation?

Please fill out the patient forms before your consultation to expedite your visit.

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